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Name Biography
Andrea Arrington
Kathy Bauserman Dr. Kathy Bauserman, Associate Professor, Indiana State University, Bayh College of Education, Department of Elementary, Early, and Special Education.
Kevin Bolinger
Aruna Chandrasekaran
Melissa Chase
Melissa Chase
Gabby Comelleri
Malea Crosby
Lisa Decker
Chelsea Dolly
Eric Glendening
Elmer Guerri
Mary Howard Hamilton
Pete Kikta
Debra Knaebel
Brittani Lee
Mike Lunsford Mike Lunsford is a graduate of Indiana State University with a bachelor's and master's degrees in English and American History. He taught high school English, Humanities, and History for 31 years, all for Southwest Parke Community School Corporation. Lunsford is married (wife Joanie) and has two adult children (Ellen and Even). He lives on 15 acres in Rural Parke County.
Bruce McLaren
Karen Noble
Suzy Quick
Tiffany Reed
Lorri Schuster
Jim Speer
Kristen Witt